when i say i like harry potter i don’t mean yeah hp is pretty cool i mean i have literally grown up with it surrounding my life i have been reading and rereading the books for as long as i can remember and i can quote the movies word for word and my hogwarts house is a massive part of my identity and it actually physically pains me that i never got my hogwarts letter and i just


#I don’t blog that much hp because it would be like blogging about having feet


whatever man ron and hermione are happily married with kids i got that shit in print


I don’t care that JRK changed her mind

I don’t care that Harmione shippers are dancing the conga and that Romione shippers feel betrayed

I care that, once again, poor Ron gets the bloody short end of the stick.

He spent six and a half books/seven movies feeling he was second best at everything and finally shines and proves himself, ends up with the girl and the respect he deserves only to be told years later that it is mistake….



It’s just like… those snippets of the interview make no sense. “Wish fulfillment”? I, okay, what wish? You’re the author, if it’s your wish to have anything happen in the books it’ll happen - in that case, your entire books are wish fulfillment… so? Not making sense from a literature standpoint? Well, again, no. It wasn’t a relationship that stemmed from nowhere - it was starting to become clear since PoA that Ron and Hermione had an antagonistic attraction going on.

If the only other objection is that Ron and Hermione’s relationship is dysfunctional and needs professional interference to smooth things over… No fucking shit. Everyone in HP need hardcore therapy - they’ve been embroiled in a long, arduous conflict with extremely high stakes,  lost loved ones, and have been under constant pressure while they battled for their lives and gone through horribly scarring and traumatic experiences. They ALL need to go see a therapist, not just the couples, and any couple, be it H/Hr or R/Hr would need it too, so no, that’s not particularly legit as to why R/Hr is suddenly so unpalatable. All our faves need therapy - shit, most of us need therapy and we don’t have to fight in epic battles between good and evil since childhood.

Listen, people change, and so do their opinions - that’s fine, it happens. Of course the book you wrote 5, 10, 15 years ago would be vastly different from the book you write now, and now that you’ve had years to mull it over and parse over you could have opinions that have changed. Thing is, playing Monday morning quarterback, even if you’re the creator in question, is an exercise in futility and frustration. You’re not the person you were when you wrote the books originally, this isn’t 15 years ago, so who cares if you’d write it differently now? That’s not possible or relevant. All it does is create confusion and anger fans, and that’s entirely pointless to me. Yeah, she can say whatever she wants, but not everything needs to be said publicly, so I’ll keep my side eye on.


some ppl askin me bout my thoughts on this whole hp mess but i pretty much said it all on twitter lmao